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Manicure and Pedicure  by OPI and CND Nail  Normal Nail Polish:


 Spa Maniucre with cuticle trimming regular colour  £15

 Luxury Spa Manicure £25

 Spa Pedicure £25

Luxury Spa Peducure £30

 Cutting Toe nails £15

 Spa Pedicure No cuticle trimming £15

 Spa Manicure No cuticle trimming  £10



Shellac and OPI Gel Mani and Pedi:

 Shellac Spa Manicure No cuticle trimming £15
 Shellac Spa Manicure £20

 Luxury Spa Shellac Manicure £35

 Luxury Spa Shellac Pedicure £40
 Shellac Pedicure No Cuticle trimming £20

 Reomve Shellac Gel Colour to do other nail treamtns £5 

 Remove Shellac Gel Colour and a quick tidy £10


Acrylic and Hard Gel Nail Extentions:

 New set  Acrylic or Hard Gel with Regular Colour  £40 
 New set Acrylic or Hard Gel with Shellac Gel Colour £45 

 In fill  Acrylic or Hard Gel with Regular Colour £20

  In fill Acrylic or Hard Gel  with Shellac Colour £25

 Remove  Acrylic or  Hard Gel and a quick tidy £20

 Sigle nail repair £5

 Nail Art Design from £5


Man Manicure and Pedicure:

Man Spa Manicure £15

 Man Luxury Spa Manicure £25.

 Man Luxury Spa Peducure £30
















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